Organic Pigments

Organic Pigments

Wow Chocolates are handmade artisan bonbons crafted by two sisters, Maire and Lesly. Consider us your personal courtesans of fine chocolate… Wow Chocolates passion for these heavenly gifts from the cocoa bean is influenced by our Venezuelan culture, reflected in every original creation. Our inspirations are an eclectic mix of the exotic tropical fruits we were raised with in Venezuela, specially selected spices from the world over and fresh organic ingredients harvested seasonally from local farmers markets. The fillings are made from fresh fruits and organic ingredients without preservatives.

Wow Chocolates have a distinctive appearance, character and flavor that leave a pleasant, long lasting, lingering feel and taste. Studies indicate melting chocolate in one’s mouth produces and increases brain activity and heart rate with more intensity than kissing, lasting four times as long. These mouth watering bonbons will tickle your taste buds and tantalize your palate in the most unforgettable ways.

Wow Chocolates will captivate your senses and take you on an extraordinary journey through our world of delightful, exotic and colorful bonbons. Our passion for these delectable delicacies is infectious and is reflected in every bite.

Made with love – our passion, your pleasure – Wow!



Lesly and Maire Chacon

Lesly and Maire Chacon

The sisters, Maire and Lesly Chacon, were raised in an environment surrounded by celebrations where food was always the protagonist. The preparation of the feast was shared by every member of the family where even the smallest fulfilled their tasks. Christmas and New Year’s Eve were not only family gatherings but the biggest parties of the year and remain so to this day.

Lesly Chacon completed a degree as an interior designer and gained experience in the field for several years before discovering chocolate was not only a passion but her calling. Lesly began making bonbons as gifts for friends and soon word spread. It then became something else entirely… a business – Wow! Thus she pursued her passion for food, combining her background in design and a knack for creativity, and the results can be seen every chocolate creation. Lesly has since trained with some of Venezuela’s finest chocolate makers.

Maire Chacon learned about the art of making truffles and bonbons from her sister. She is an accomplished artist who works with many different materials – from acrylic paints to clay and wood.  Maire has always shared a passion with her family for food and now she strives to combine the worlds of art and edibles every day.

Maire and Lesly continually challenge each other, discovering the art of edible chocolate delicacies together…

The chocolates symbolize their joint and separate journeys, an unmatched passion for life – embodied in the colorful soul of the creations.

“y que viva el chocolate!!”- and live the chocolate!!